About Us

Hot Cakes - Wisdom BytesTM is a collection of Training Programs and Skill Up-gradation Workshops developed by the Corp Scan Group, New Delhi, India. The group has been attending and addressing to such like corporate needs pertaining to Management of Human Resource focusing on Management Development Training Programmes and Skill Up-gradation Workshops. The group caters to imparting of both technical and soft skills. It is an Indian organization with Transnational presence and caters to such like needs across the globe.

The key words of relevance that relates to services of Corp Scan Group are:


Identify is with the participant needs, client organization needs, system demands, the gap in actual and achievable. It answers the question - as to why we are needed ? We identify ourselves with the process and extend our services as if part of it.


This is the participation and contribution phase; where in we unwind the training package and actively involve the participants to upgrade their skills.


This is the purpose, intent and objective of the whole training exercise which yields improved results. We deliver measurable benefits to the participants and client organizations through meticulously devised and sincerely delivered programs.

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