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Lessons in these programs are learnt by tasting it first hand - oven fresh dish. The Training modules are administered through 01 / 02 Day workshops. It is short, simple and is easy to assimilate & understand, helping participants to upgrade their skills.
In today's world, where dynamism is the spelling for success, skill up gradation is the need of hour. Hot Cakes training program must be attended by players who want to Win & Winners who want more - be the practising professionals, be budding or be hidden talent.
Yes ,we have the provision to give discounts, based upon:
  • Number of Participants.
  • Early Bird discount.
  • Number of programs registered in continuity for the forthcoming programs.
  • Combination of all the above.
These programs are designed for public domain; where in people from various organisations get delegated to participate in such like nos. as two / three each ; totalling 35~50 nos. Where in organisation / institution need their people to be trained in larger nos. ; we do offer modules / programs - tailor made for their in-house consumption.
All our 26 wisdomliscious training modules are planned for 1 day. However, on specific requests and based upon number of participants available we do undertake workshops ranging from 2-3 days - which we do believe to be more effective.
This recession period is a good time for attending more training programs. After all its an investment and not an expenditure. In other words this is a time for consolidation in which one can sharpen skills and get oneself prepared to perform when the market bounces back. At the time of firing , we would find the powder dry and therefore will be swiftly successful, than to prepare when its time to fire. These training programs help one to cover up the present regressive trend in a short time interval, therefore be a winner !

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