Why, Who & Where Attend Program

  • To Find YOU in Yourself
  • To Upscale your Persona
  • To Improve your Visibility
  • To have an Iconic Presence
  • To Revitalize the Greying Cells
  • To get to Wisdom Before 60
  • To get your Tomorrow Today
  • To Imbibe belief & Forgo Wishful Thinking
  • To focus on Initiative
  • To promote the thought process by Eliminating the Barriers
  • To develop Self-Confidence in an Innovative Environment
  • To Obviate Organisational Conflicts
  • To transform Threats into Opportunities
  • To Overcome Weaknesses, while Augmenting the Strengths
  • To be Self Motivated members willing to be Different
  • Delegates from organizations constrained by size and resources
  • Individuals possessing latent Leadership Skills
  • People willing to have a Meaningful and Defined presence in Professional Fraternity
  • Organizational members in need of Talent Honing
  • Organizations looking to provide innovative atmosphere for Improved Work Culture.
  • Team players willing to pervade the team approach —360° Evaluation
  • Stakeholders from organizations, on way to exponential growth, to mature into Visionary Members.

Mission Hot Cakes – Wisdom BytesTM commenced on the Wisdom Day, Wednessday 2nd April 2008, conducting training programs and skill upgradation workshops across the Globe. You can savour Hot Cakes – Wisdom BytesTM at

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